Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We must, we must decrease our bust!!!

I love my parents, they are two of the most wonderful, caring people I know and I am proud to call them my parents. But one thing, they had to pass down to me was, their thighs, stomach and my moms big boobs, I guess there was a catch with that whole having wonderful parents. I know, not all their fault, with nearly no exercise for..well..ever. Unless you count chasing after two toddlers, which I do everyday. I had no motivation! Sure, get healthy for your kids, but like a lot of things in life, it's easier said than done. But I sat down browsing through pictures of my kids and realized I have only a couple of pictures of myself in the pictures with them. What if something were to happen to me and there weren't any pics of me with them? And the ones that were, was an overweight me? "ew, mom was fat!?!"
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(not my kid, but he's adorable!)
I didn't like that. And just at that time my grandma had joined Curves!

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She lost an inch in back fat, in a month. I figured if SHE could do it, I could to. Plus, I was just a guest, it would be FREE! So, I went and I'm pretty sure I almost died from this stuff commonly known as sweat, I was drowning! Like any other person out of their mind and a little bit lightheaded, I paid the 3 month fee and signed my big butt up. That was last week, so now, I've gone for 5 days and holy cow (no pun intended) my energy level went waaaaaaaaaay up!
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I'm attempting to go everyday, which gives the boys time to chill with grandpa while mommy goes to the gym. It's time for a big change!

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